Inside Look: Wide Receivers

Inside Look: Wide Receivers

Tonight after the second two-a-day practice, talked with Coach Bell about the wide receivers. This unit has experience and can go two deep across the board. Who is ready to break out this season and what newcomers might be contributors?

In this Q and A with Coach Bell, we found out some inside information on the state of the wide receivers and what has the potential to be a very special group.

Q: What has been the early focus and your message to the guys?

A: "The last couple of days the message is that nothing comes easy. Guys have come out and we know we can make plays; we did it in the games last year. At the end of the day, you either came out here and got better or got worse. You have to make plays, give effort, and do the right things with consistency every day in practice. We are doing the same things every team in the country is. Like Yoda said, you either do or you don't, there is no try."

Q: Kelvin Bolden really emerged last season and is the leader of the group this year. Is he ready for that next step? A: "You know he has had a good camp, and as of right now he has to continue to make plays and do the little things. He is one we are counting on to be special. The last couple days he's put a few on the ground, and his whole thing is not being complacent. I'm staying on him that every play, every day has got to be better.

"One of his big deals right now is that he has to find a way to block on the perimeter. Everyone knows he can make plays and can run, but can he be a guy that can block for us for other receivers and running backs. We harp on him to be perfect every practice. That is what we strive for with him."

Q: What unsung heroes do you fore see in this group?

A: "You know believe it or not Fransisco Llanos, Marquese Triplett, and Tracey Lampley have all had really good camps. Those are guys that people may not think of when they think of who will be guys counted on in the passing game. They are going to have to make plays; it takes eight guys in this offense to be successful."

"Llanos has had a really, really, really good camp, and he may be one of the most complete receivers that I have out here."

"Marquese Triplett has had a good camp and he is beat up a little bit but we'll get him back in a few days. He is really physical on the edge which we like a lot. He is one of those guys that leads by example even though he is young."

"Tracey Lampley is still learning every day. Now he will get carries and he'll get his touches, but to really move into my room he's got to keep getting better than he was in the spring."

Q: What players might be the key to this unit being successful?

A: "You know two guys that we have to have be special, is Dominique Sullivan and Quinton Pierce. Those two guys are going to have to play that position, and those two guys are going to have to be really, really good. They both made plays, but now they have to take the next step. They have to become guys that make great catches in traffic and make consistent competitive catches. We have to have them emerge this year."

Q: Is Dominique Sullivan ready for this role?

A: "He doesn't have a choice, he has to be ready to go and contribute in game one. As fast as we play, it takes eight guys to be successful. He has all the tools, he is a very gifted athlete, and it is his time to step up and shine."

Q: We have heard Briggs name mentioned a lot, is he ready to come in and contribute this season?

A: "He is really, really a special player. I sure do think so anyways. He is 6'5, almost 200lbs, and one of the more explosive players I've ever been around. His battle is one that every freshman in America is going through right now. He has to learn to practice and prepare the way we have to do to get ready and get ourselves mentally focused."

"Now, can he help us this year? I definitely think he can. Will it be in Game 1, I don't know. At some point this year he'll have to help us probably. He has all the tools and everything you'd want in a big play receiver.

"Does he have all the things you'd want in a big play receiver? Yes. He is going through everything that every freshman in America is going through. He is learning how to prepare and study, and he is learning how to get it done in the classroom and other areas. At some point he'll be able to help though, there is no doubt about it."

Q: Can you talk about the connection with the quarterback, how important is that to this offense and team?

A: "Austin is a really really special kid and special QB. He means a lot to this offense in terms of leadership and game experience and reps. We've got some experience too now. Ryan Balentine has played, and has a lot of experienced. I've got eight guys that have all played and that all know what is expected of them."

"The biggest thing is that they have been in the fire together and they all know each other. They do a good job of holding each other accountable. We are not behind because of the experience and the way they worked this summer, played in the spring, and have come out here ready to go. They are close, and a very tight knit group. That is what happens when you play together over the years." Recommended Stories

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