Senior Offensive Line Feels Sense of Urgency

Senior Offensive Line Feels Sense of Urgency

A bright spot for the Eagles this season has been the play of the offensive line. With experience and several seniors along the line, they are continuing to look to carry the offense. caught up with Darius Barnes to talk about the offense and to hear his thoughts on the week of practice to this point.

As the Eagles are busy preparing for Western Kentucky, questions still swirl about the starting quarterback and identity for the offense. One consistency in it all has been the play of the offensive line.

Darius Barnes is one senior who wants to go out on a positive note. After practice today, he talked about some of the things that must change in order for that to happen.

"Well it starts for us in practice," he said. "The tone must be set the week before in practice, and we are trying to get to that point so we'll be sharp in the game.

"We are focused on Western Kentucky. They run a crazy scheme with their defensive front so we had to take a long look at that. They walk around their defensive linemen and we wanted to make sure we have a hat on a hat and have everyone blocked.

"Their scheme is similar to Nebraska and we have put in a lot of plays that were successful against them."

Maintaining chemistry in the offense, Barnes said, will be crucial to going on the road this week and getting a win.

"The offensive line has the most experience on the team," he said. "We've all played together for two years and we know how each other operates.

"That has made it easier for us to jel and work together. We have to be the backbone of the team right now."

The mood of the team, Barnes said, will remain positive as they seek to get to get in the win column.

"Everyone is staying positive," he said. "It is hard with two straight losses, and we just want to play again. We have to get that taste out of our mouths and the only way is to go in, play, and win.

"This team has a lot of pride, and especially this offensive line. Our chemistry helps a lot. We are close on and off the field. We know how each other works and it just helps us play better. We want to see this season get turned around."

Barnes said he feels that sense of urgency as he puts on the black and gold for his final season.

"I do feel that urgency," he said. "I am just looking to play even harder than I've always played. I play with a chip on my shoulder, and every day is always a chance to get better. I know I have a lot to work on and so does this team, but we can turn it around this week." Recommended Stories