Alabama CB Drawing Interest From Eagles

Alabama CB Drawing Interest From Eagles

Southern Miss is out on the recruiting trail hard as they leave no stone unturned heading into signing day. They have tracked down a CB committed to Troy but who is drawing attention from other schools. Will the Eagles get him to flip?

Southern Miss is pursuing CB Montavious Smoke of Stanhope Elmore in (AL). That school might sound familiar to Eagle fans because of current quarterback Arsenio Favor.

Smoke is 6'1, 182lbs, and can really run. He was clocked at a 4.4 back in the spring at a camp in Alabama. He's currently committed to Troy, but is hearing a lot from other programs, including recent interest from Southern Miss.

"I heard from Coach Woz who came from Alabama," he said. "I just heard from him today, and one of my teammates told me a lot about Southern Miss.

"I know one of my teammates when I was a freshman, Arsenio Favor, loves it there, and I do know about Brett Favre who played there. I know they send a lot of guys to the NFL, and they are one of the top programs in their conference. They have a great winning tradition."

Smoke plans on getting a visit from the Coaching staff this week.

He said while he's committed to Troy, he's still hearing from Georgia, Western Kentucky, and several Junior Colleges because he still has some work to do on his ACT.

"I have a visit coming from Southern Miss, Western Kentucky, and Butler Co. JuCo in Kansas," he said. "They played in the National Championship but they lost. They are interested in me as well."

Smoke knows his strengths and what he needs to work on as a player.

"A lot of coaches really want me because of my speed, height, and my man coverage skills," he said. "They have told me I need to improve my tackling in open space, so I've been working on that a lot."

We'll continue to update everything with Montavious, including his upcoming meeting with the coaches. Stay tuned. Recommended Stories