Watson: "More Energy Needed"

Watson:  "More Energy Needed"

Southern Miss looks to rebound Wednesday night after a tough loss Saturday to the Memphis Tigers. How will the Eagles respond and how is the psyche right now of the team? Neil Watson answers that question in an interview with GoldenEaglePride.com after practice tonight.

Southern Miss was back to work Monday afternoon as they try and put everything going on around them to the side for a few hours and focus on basketball.

It certainly wasn't easy for the Eagles knowing the damage that was done to their city by an F4 tornado that came through just yesterday.

Not only were they battling the difficult circumstances, but also dealing with a two game slide as well.

First and foremost though, all players and coaching staff are safe.

"We were all at home and fortunately the storm bypassed us all, we are all good," he updated us.

"We were able to come back and try and put it behind us so we could have an intense practice. We have lost two in a row but we are trying to put that behind us as well."

Watson said they will learn from the previous games but they certainly won't dwell on them.

"We'll go back and watch film," he said. "We know where we need to improve especially on D. We feel we didn't play as hard as we needed to win the game. We need more effort. We are trying play harder and work harder, for some reason we are sluggish in the area of getting steals and deflections."

The junior point guard said the psyche of the team is still good right now.

"It is still high and very energetic," he said. "We are upset we lost of course, but we give all the credit to the teams we lost to on those nights. They played well.

"They were the better team, but we feel we are still a very tough team. We know we can still win this conference, and we are playing hard still trying to get more physicality to our game.

"Our bodies are tired, but we are just trying to work through it."

As a leader, Neil feels he needs to step up his own game to lead this team as it should be.

"I have to play at a higher level," he said. "I feel I can be a lot better, and I have to be better for my team. My team needs me, it is not about me, it is about them."

The Green Wave will certainly present a challenge with their young, aggressive style.

"They are going to be tough," he said. "They are very aggressive, very talented, and they play hard defensively. It is going to be a good test for us, and we know we have to take care of business at home.

"We need more effort, and it starts at practice. We have to play harder at practice and we know it will carry over to the game."

Watson wanted to add that the crowd support was crucial even though the result wasn't what they wanted.

"It meant so much to see all that support from the fans," he said. "We feel bad that we let our hometown down by not winning, but we love and appreciate all those that showed up for the game.

"Our goals are in tact, and we know we can win the conference. We can't look behind Wednesday night though or we'll never have that shot."

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