Hines Enjoys USM Camp At Birmingham

Hines Enjoys USM Camp At Birmingham

Southern Miss had a great group of prospects at Carver HS in Birmingham, AL Friday. We've been following up with them to hear about their day, and another WR who had a great day was Eric Hines of Westlake HS in Atlanta (GA).

Eric Hines II is a talented under the radar receiver from Westlake HS in Atlanta (GA). He's looking to gain more attention for himself through taking in camps, and that is exactly what he did for the coaches of Southern Miss and Alabama State yesterday.

"I felt like I performed well, I really had a lot of fun," he updated GoldenEaglePride.com.

"I enjoyed the coaching a lot. It really felt like the coaches actually cared about us getting better. Going to a lot of other camps you don't get that feel from the coaches, but I know these guys really wanted to teach and make us better."

What was his favorite part of the camp?

"No doubt, my favorite part was the one on ones," he said. "We got to go against some talented DB's and get a lot of work in. I had a nice catch for a touchdown that impressed the coaches.

"They talked to me afterward and told me to call them back next week because they really liked me. They said they liked what they saw and wanted me to get in touch with them."

Hines is hearing from East Carolina, Alabama State, Southern Miss, and a few others that he couldn't remember at the time of the interview.

He'll be taking in a few more camps before the end of the summer, as he tries to improve his status with coaching staffs across the country.

Hines is a tall receiver who uses his size to his advantage. He has very soft hands and uses his body well when fighting for a ball.

He's 6'3, 190lbs.

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