Bridgford Making The Adjustment

Bridgford Making The Adjustment caught up with Allan Bridgford to go inside his decision to come to Southern Miss, and how the adjustment has been going for him since he arrived.

Allan Bridgford arrived in Hattiesburg just a week before camp started. He's had to quickly learn the ropes, get settled in, and get to work in an effort to try to win the QB position.

At USM media day, caught up with him to talk about his transition and the early quarterback battles.

"Things has gone really well so far, you know, everyone has been really friendly and I feel like I am starting to get adjusted," he told

"The food is really good, I can tell you that."

Bridgford transferred to Southern Miss after his time at Cal, where he spent time out there with Coach Arroyo and Tedford. The good news for Allan is that he's already got a grasp of the offensive system.

"I'm picking it up quickly," he said. "Its only been a few practices but I feel like I have a really good grasp of what I'm doing so far.

"I had a crash course of learning everything the first few days that I was here in the film room. I don't really have a choice, I've got to just go in there and learn it and get it done."

Bridgford has both advantages and disadvantages to face when trying to win the spot. On one end, he's like a freshman coming in with just a few short weeks to win a job. On the other hand, he's a guy who has a lot of experience and brings more game experience to the table than anyone else.

"I'm at a disadvantage when it comes to learning the offense obviously because I wasn't here this spring and summer," he said.

"I feel behind the curve with knowledge of the offense.

"I have confidence though, for sure. I've played in front of big crowds, I've played well in front of big crowds. The big stage doesn't concern me. If Coach were to name me the starter, I wouldn't have more than the usual nervousness than for a regular game.

"I'm 22, and I have been through the fire that way. I've seen every aspect of college football, so I know that can only help me."

Bridgford said the main thing for him is the mental side of running this offense.

"For me, physically takes a back seat because I know I can get it done physically," he said. "I'm thinking a lot, learning a new offense, so when I have that down I know the physical play will come out.

"The guys on the team have been great. They have helped me adjust and have been very welcoming and made me feel a part from day 1."

The transfer to Southern Miss was something Allan saw as a perfect opportunity that he just couldn't pass up.

"It was a situation that I could come in, have a chance to compete, and get a starting position," he said.

"Obviously I've been with Marcus the past two years at Cal, so I'm here and I hope I can help this team to win."

Right now, Bridgford has quickly moved up over the past few days. He's now mostly splitting the reps with Cole Weeks with the 1's.

Coach Monken said this process will not draw out, and they will name a starter before the end of next week. Recommended Stories

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