Price Learning The Ropes

Price Learning The Ropes

Southern Miss added some much needed depth to the offensive line when they signed two JuCo prospects from Hinds in Norman Price and Thomas Collins. As they are adjusting to the speed of the game at the next level, Price is fighting for a starting position.

Norman Price is adjusting to life at the next level, but not only that, he's also having to learn a new position.

After playing most of his JuCo playing career at left guard, Price has been moved by Coach Meadows to Right Tackle, where he currently is competing with Jerry Harris for the starting job.

The adjustment has taken more time than Price would have liked, but he's really starting to see things come together as game day is just over a week away.

"Fall camp has gone really well and we are really starting to get into a rhythm and getting used to being in pads every day and the physical nature of it all," Price told

"My weight has finally dropped to where I wanted to be which is around 315 right now. I'm busy working hard and trying to just get better every day."

Price said the biggest adjustment was the summer work-outs where he saw Coach Smith really push him.

"I had to approach it as looking at the goal toward the future," he said. "If you are looking at the goal right now then you want to quit sometimes.

"Coach Smith will push you to your absolute limit. He really wants us to be the best we can be and he wants the very best for our program. Everyday is a work day and mentally you have to be very tough."

Price has wanted to work on several things this fall.

"I want to be more consistent," he said. "I need to have a good play every time and make sure I don't have any missed assignments.

"I want to take it one play at a time and put pressure on myself to be the guy they want me to be. I know expectations are high for me. I want to show I can be the guy. I have to continue to mature and learn life at this level."

Its started with the transition, for Price, to right tackle.

"At first I had a hard time kicking back with my right leg because I had never done that before, it was always my left," Price said.

"I always played left tackle or guard as long as I've played, so that's been a challenge. It was mental more than anything. My vertical sets I was struggling with but I feel like I am really starting to get it."

Price said he's noticed a significant difference with football at the next level.

"The speed of the game is so much different," he said. "I didn't think it was going to be that much faster but it really is.

"Everyone is on the same level as you. You are not facing anyone who is not a stand-out. In JuCo, you have some games where you have players you can dominate. At this level everyone is as strong and fast as you if not more.

"It comes down to being able to making the adjustments mentally."

Price has seen a lot of growth from his group this fall.

"In the spring we were all over the place," he said. "We were never together. We didn't sit together or hang out. Now we do every week. This group feels like a family, like they are my brothers.

"We go over to Coach Meadows house and we know each other more now. It is just a totally different feel even than the fall." Recommended Stories