Wednesday Spring Practice Report

Wednesday Spring Practice Report

Southern Miss got after it again today, working hard to get ready for the spring game which is getting closer and closer. The main focus for today's notebook is the defensive line. Coach Deke Adams is working hard to get his boys in shape for the upcoming season.

The pass rush was a big question mark for last season, but coach Adams is optimistic that he will be able to turn things around.

"One of the first things that we talked about when I got here was improving the pass rush" said Coach Adams "I am putting in a different philosophy then what these guys have been taught so they are having to learn a little bit. It is getting a lot better, though, we had a lot of success today and we did some good things."

Coach Adams likes all of the guys that he has on the line right now and likes the work ethic that his team has shown throughout the spring.

"We are improving everyday" said Adams "All of the guys are working hard and I am pleased with the things these guys are doing."

The one thing that Adams wants to do is make sure that his team gets better every day and so far things are looking good.

"Coach Fedora talks about it all the time, you either get better or you get worse and you never stay the same and we are making improvements right now."

Adams has made an impression so far this spring with his intensive nature and his in your face attitude.

"I try to be intense because I feel like the kids feed off of you. That is just my personality and the way I am."

Some other things of note in today's practice included the punting situation. It may come as a surprise, but Bret Jefcoat and Austin Davis have been taking a lot of snaps at the punting position. Davis had a little work as the punter last season with a creative style that saw him punting out of the shotgun. This year it is a little more traditional.

"Yeah with have them back there a good bit taking snaps with the rest of the punters in normal formations" said Coach Fedora of his two QBs turned punters.

Jamison Hughes has been noticeably absent from the spring practices so far and it seems that he has some academic work to do.

"Jamison has to work on the academic side of things" said Fedora "We hope that we can get him out here soon, but he isn't going to be taking part in the spring."

It seems as though Fedora is getting into technology a little more in an effort to connect to fans by joining Twitter.

"Yeah it is hard to keep up with because I don't have much time, but I think it is a good way to connect to fans."

Terrance Pope has been out for the spring with an injury, but I got an interview with him today and I hope to have a story up on him by tomorrow afternoon. Recommended Stories

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